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"Cathryn Cofell’s Stick Figure With Skirt is at turns humorous and morose.  But no matter what, these poems are always pleading to or against loneliness, “Please memo me home…Please home me…”  This book is Dickinsonian in its way of believing in the power of the mind, the internal world, the imagination that always reaches beyond the self."


                                       – Jericho Brown, author of The Tradition  


Available in November 2019 

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In Sister Satellite, Cathryn Cofell writes with power and a hard-earned, wide-ranging scope.


As poet Oliver de la Paz writes, “the language of Cofell’s debut collection shimmers in amplitudes of love.” Love, yes, but hers is an engaged love that won’t let us go easily. Her poems provide an answer to the politics and pressures of our times, as Cofell writes about women’s lives and bodies in lines which are funny, bold, defiant, angry and celebratory. Married love and unvoiced lust, pregnancy, miscarriage, adoption, abortion and aging all figure into the mix. Cofell writes her version of the truth bravely, movingly and with new vision and tenderness.


ISBN 978-0984656837

Cowfeather Press, 2013



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Poet Diane Lockward had this to say of Split Personality: "The most stunning feat of this collaborative collection may very well be the poets' perfect fusion of two voices into one. And how deliciously ironic that two poets should together explore the contrary ideas of doubleness and brokenness."


In Split Personality, poets Cathryn Cofell and Karla Huston blend their voices into one glorious, giggly and sometimes jiggly exploration of the trappings that often define and defy today's woman. 


ISBN 978-1934513385

Sunnyoutside, 2012



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A spoken-word CD of some of Cathryn's more musical poems, set to music written and performed by former WI Poet Laureate Bruce Dethlefsen and first-class musician Bill Orth.


Bruce sings, plays bass and percussion. Bill sings, plays guitar and bass. Cathryn gets to shake the apple.


Cat and Obvious Dog are bad like Jesse James, a masterful blend of poetry and music.  


- Charlie Rossiter


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"Sweet Curdle is one of those rarities in contemporary poetry— a book that's virtually impossible to put down, every bit as mesmerizing as a well-plotted novel. Each poem in this beautifully crafted collection compels the reader to flip to the next as you accompany Cofell from despair to joy to apprehension; from love's strained dependencies to its richly realized physical passions; from the gorgeous throwaway recklessness of youth to the careful self-examinations of mid-life.  Consistently engaging,  Sweet Curdle  becomes genuinely irresistible whenever Cofell's subtle wit comes out to play."


- Marilyn Taylor (WI Poet Laureate 2009-10)


ISBN 0-9772768-2-1

Marsh River Editions, 2006



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